Negril, the West End
The West End
The Rui Beach Club in Negril,  represents a nice blend of luxury, and economy.  An
All-Inclusive facility, with nightly entertainment.  I only stayed one night, so really
didn't truly have a chance to take in all the flavor of the resort.  The evening I was
there, they presented a Micheal Jackson show.  The presentation was of good
quality, and the performer knew the moves. The grounds are kept clean and security
keeps you safe.  The main buffet is well kept and the food was fresh.
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sea splash Negril

This property is right on 7 mile beach. The resort features room, Suites, all
nestled in a garden setting.  Foliage hides a view of the beach on the main
floors, and lends a degree of privacy.
clean getaway.  Not as much beach front, thought
the charm more than justifies the lack of sand