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Back Home in Seattle, and I already miss the Village of Nine Mile.
I have just spent the last five(5) days, with One Love and Respect.

Having enjoyed the company of the Villager's, the Children and the Beauty of Nine Mile
Village, I would highly recommend Nine Mile as more than just a quick stop at Bob

My first visit was in February 2011.  I visited the Marley Mausoleum, and had stopped
at one of the small shops in the village.  The experience at Bob Marley's, was
enlightening, and the music very telling.  What impressed me just as much were the
people of the village and the Respect and One love that I saw in their daily lives. The
result, I just had to go back again.

This time I had asked if I could stay somewhere in the village.  The response was
welcoming, and encouraging.  A few phone-calls, the setting up of the airlines, and
hotels that I would also stay at and it was done.

My first week would include the standard tourist fare.  I spent three(3) nights in
Montego Bay, at a resort with a small water-slide and Lazy river. This included,  
two(2) nights in a Tower room, and one night next to the Lazy-river.  Food was good
and the variety sufficent.  Round-trip transportation from MBJ ( airport) was included
with thenaccomidation, and I was able to exchange my return to the airport for
transportation to Negril ( It never hurts to ask, and Respect goes a long way.

In Negril, I checked into the Rui Beach Resort, an up-scale All-inclusive.  Again rooms
were very nice, and the food of very good quality.  The Nightly show that evening was
a Michael Jackson come back.  Well done and everyone seem to enjoy the program.

Check-out is at 11am, so I caught a route taxi, to my next hotel, .  (Route taxi's are
vehicles with a special colored plate. )  The trip between the two hotels, a distance of
about two miles, cost 100JD, and a tip of about 50JD ( about $1.75 US).

My next resort was the Sea Splash, a quaint lush setting.  There is a small restaurant
and a nice bar.  The resort sits in the middle of 7 mile beach.
Again I check-out around 11am, and again catching a route taxi to my final destination
in Negril.  

The Travellers, is  near the river and town center.  Good clean facility at a great price.  
Food from the restaurant, was good and filling, as well as having a great view, and
good drinks.

Were a tourist to go further West you would find the Cliff Style resorts, as well as the
local Night-Life.

Three nights in Negril, and I head towards my final destination:  Nine Mile Village.

I depart Negril, to Lucea, via the Route Taxi.  A ten mile run costing about $2.00 US,
and I arrive at the bus depot.  Buses run specific routes, between points.  Leaving
Lucea, we complete the 20 mile run is short fashion.  The bus is packed 5 wide, and 5
deep.  I sit on a board across the isle way, a young school boy huddeled next to the
window my shoulder buddy. I pay and tip the driver as he directs a helper to show me
to the next bus.  Mind you I am toting at least one of my bags, and my Camera-pack on
my shoulder.  I make the bus, with a few minuets to spare.  This is a slightly large
Mini-bus.  It is now fully loaded with some 15 to 20 individuals and their possessions.  
We get about a half mile, when the driver announces he has a low tire.  Being near the
Airport, he stops and changes the tire and we are again on our way.  This leg is about
50 miles, and again cost  less than $5.00 US.  A slight miss-communication as to
where I wanted off, and I ended up walking a short distance to meet up with Clinton.

Next stop, Nine Mile Village.

Arriving in Nine Mile, I was shown my accommodations.  I was Invited to stay, with a
local Rastaman, and his family.  This would be my base for the next several days.
A few short introductions, dinner from Shirley's, and a cup of coffee (oops, watch
your water), and I settled in for the night.  The next morning, true to Bob Marley's
song, I found my three little birds.  These would be my Photographers.  They would
record the sights and sounds of Nine Mile Village.  Here they were,  A cute 9 year old
girl, and two boys, one 7 the other 11 ( no pun intended ). A short practice with the
small video cameras, and the were off on their own, Stanley bringing up the rear, at
least for a short while.  Over the next several days, two or more of the children would
walk with me the length of the village.  I would stop and talk with the various Villagers,
as the children would scamper around taking  pictures.
Many of the photos included in this website are taken by the Children and adults, of Nine
Mile Village.  As you can see, there is room for improvement.  Over the next several
months, I expect to receive new and better cropped and focused pictures.

Side trips to help the family out with food, a trip to see an ill family member.  An
interesting visit to the local gardens ( food only,  never saw the ganja fields everyone
talks about.  O well my loss).  I tried peanuts, partook of fresh white yams that were
quite good, and listened as my host explained that this is how he supports his family.
I believe he said he was getting about 45.00 US for a large potato sack of produce.

Five days seemed so short, and suddenly my driver had returned for me........
Sad to leave and knowing that I would return, I said my farewells.

Okay three more nights left.  By the time we reached Ocho Rio's, and steer town, it
was to late to explore.  Meeting my new host Ray, and the dog Lexie, Clinton drove me
to a Burger King, about 5 miles up the road.  Today, Clinton took me to a Beach that
Mom and I had visited in February.  As I settled in with a cool drink I mad a comment
about being their before..  The young lady at the bar, look up and said" you were with
your mother right".  I smiled and agreed.  I spent the next several hours walking
around the beach area.  On the west end of this area, I stopped and talked with the
local beach boys.  I even tried fresh bread fruit.  Okay, last day, just hang-around, take
a few pictures, and make sure I'm packed.

As on Que, Clinton is there to whisk me off to the airport..................................
Did you say a secluded
Resorts in Jamaica often
include fenced secluded
areas for discreet sunning.
Good Food
Good Service
Good Location
Good People
Visit the Gran Bahia Principi
Runaway Bay, Jamaica
Travel Stories
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Runaway  Bay Jamaica:   
Feb, 2011
Just check-in at the Gran Bahia Principi, in Runaway Bay.  This is the first
"All-Inclusive", resort I've stay at.  Check-in was very simple, though we did
have to wait a short time.  Welcome drinks, were offered as soon as we arrived.
By the time we had finished our drinks, we were notified that our room was
The Gran Bahia, is about 5 years old, and covers about 1/2 miles of beautiful
Beach.  The complex is a grand white structure, with wings to the right and left.
Upon entering the main foyer, you look out to the Atlantic beyond.  Take a few
steps out on the large veranda, and the meandering lazy river pool beckons you.
This property is All-inclusive.  
Our room was in the west wing, on the second floor.  The view, over looked the
west end of the lazy river pool, which included a shallow end, perfect for
The room it self was excellent, with the only concern being the height of the
beds (My Mother in her 80's found it difficult to get into bed.  Ended up building
up the cushions for her to stand on.)
I was pleasantly surprised with the meals.  There are two Buffet style
restaurants,  to which you are greeted at the door and shown to a table.  The
Buffet line was fresh and pleasing,  with just enough variety to keep us happy.
The speciality restaurants are a different story.  The menu is limited, and the
portions small.  True it has a nice ambiance, and the service is fantastic, but I
personally like the Buffet.
The property is spotlessly clean,  with staff and security always available and

Would I go back? You Bet!

My driver Clinton was very familiar with the area. Not only did he negotiate the
road with ease, but described various points of interest along the road.
Nine mile is not just a road, it's miles of two lane winding road.  If your are use
to driving in the States, cars on the opposite side of the road can be quite
Lush tropical canopy, and occasional cave dweller, small farms, and suddenly
the upper left side of the road.  Stop, take a break, and have a soda. Here I met
my first Rastaman.  The village is the home the Bob Marley School.  Travel
another half mile and rounding the corner you see the large metal gates, and
Bob Marley's birth place.  There is plenty of parking within the gated area, and a
short walk up the hill to the small bar and gift shop.  Pay you entrance fee, if not
on a prepaid tour.  Join up with your Bob Marley guide who escorts you to the
main mausoleum.  Be prepared to remove you shoes out of respect , as you
enter.  Next take time to lay your head on Bob's rock pillow.  It is said that he
use to lay here and smoke the spice.  You are free to try this earthly spot,
and if but just for a few moments, see the light of the spice.
the gate. ****** Pay strict attention to your tour operate in this regard. *******
If you are on your own, ask around before you get to the gate, and the hawkers.
Much safer and you may make a new friend.
Remember, the local people are great and much to be appreciated !


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Come join us in Nine Mile Village for "Stanleys 65th
Birthday Party"

There is going to be one fine BBQ, good fun  good friends,
and a blending of Cultures from across the Land.

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