My Jamaican Trip
September 2011

Planning, planning, and more planning.

          I have broke my trip into sever manageable components.

First my Airfare.  This was a no-brainier.  I simply used all of my Air-Miles, earned through both daily  purchases, as
well as bonus mile awarded, when I first acquired the card.
A short time searching possible schedules, and various arrival and departure times, and I had it done.  My total cost,
$113.00, to purchase a few extra miles and my flight is booked.
Okay so I made it to the Airport.  If you are using a major credit card, there is a good chance you received your annual
club pass.  This is s a nice way to relax after negotianting the TSA screening, only to find you now have an hour or more to
Remember, you still have to be at your gate 20 to 30 minuets before your plane departs.  If you are in First Class,
you will most likely be settled first, then offered a drink once on-board .  

************    Boarding time, see you in Jamaica   *******************

Second step, Divide my trip into areas I want to see or visit.

4 great Locations. Montego Bay, Negril, Nine Mile, and Ocho Rios.

Montego Bay
                                                   Now I'm ready to explore.
My short trip, from the MBJ, was included in my hotel package.  Once at Sunset, check-in was
painless. My wait, less than 15 minutes, as my room was prepared.  While I waited, I had a small
snack at the Banana-walk, the Main Buffet.  Having arrived late in the afternoon, the fare was good
and satisfying.  My room now being ready i decided to take a nice Nap in the soothing Air
conditioned room.  The bed was comfortable, and after a short snooze , I decided to explore.  The
resort includes a small Lazy River and 2 Water-Slides.  I stayed two nites in one of the hotel
towers, and then one nite next to the water park
The Buffet was filling and the Speciality Restaurants were well presented.  The resort also includes
a secluded end for those who would darken their tan all-over.

Negril, the West End.
Negril, and the West End, offered a wide variety, of choices.  Choose the cliffs, the beach, or the hill side.  I found
rates to vary, not only between various resorts, but from booking center to booking center.
Rates also vary depending on an Ocean view or Garden view.  Garden views are often on the backside or across
the road, which means putting up with the many honking vehicles, when crossing.
In the end I selected a great rate from RSI, and my home club PGRDestinations.  My only thoughts were whether
I wanted and all-Inclusive, or if I would turn to the streets, and small restaurants.
Three nites.
  Three different accommodations.
Having enjoyed a nice Air-conditioned coach, I soon arrive in Negril, my hotel: The Rui.
Rui Negril.  
  This all-Inclusive offers Spanish accents, Great food, and well groomed beaches.
Take a walk along 7mile beach and feel the sand between your toes.  Dine in the covered
open air Buffet.  Take in the nightly show....
When I was there  Micheal Jackson was said to be preforming.  The show proved to be
entertaining, and was well presented.

A short Route Taxi ( about $0.50 per trip), and I arrive at the:  
Sea Splash Resort
 This is a quaint, small intimate resort.  The property is nestled along 7mile beach.  Room
and suites, are hidden behind the bar, pool, and restaurant.  Paved paths wind through
the slightly overgrown foliage, providing the vacationer with cool break from the beach
only yards away.  The celling fan helps with ventilation, and cool breezes make this a nice
respite from the beach beyond.

Another short Route Taxi, and I have arrive at my final nite in Negril.
The Travellers Resort, Negril
  This too is a beautiful property.  Rooms face a large open space covered in grass, in
the shape of a "U",  with the main office looking down the grass lawn towards the pool.  
Beyond this is the Bar and Restaurant.  The beach width is limited here.  Still it is a nice
area to walk along.  A short distance to the west and you find the river coming from
Negril.  If you walk into town along the road you will cross this river.
As it was, I never ventured through town, only stopping at the first store to grab some
   Three nites three different Resorts.
Transportation has always been a concern.  When I was first in Jamaica, My family hired
a Private driver.  Easy to use, and on-demand, not all can afford the expense.
With this in mind, I had already experienced the Charter Coaches, as well as the route
Taxi's.  I knew that there were local buss routes that went between local towns.  
Lucia was the closes, to Negril.  Taking a Route Taxi from Negril was easy.
The buss was just leaving.  Here take my stuff.  Packed like sardines, four abreast, I'm
the last on.  Arriving in Montego Bay, I am helped as I run for the next buss heading
towards Discovery Bay.  We do not get far, before the driver decides the tire is low.  
There are approximately 20+ people crowded on this buss. 15 minuets later and we are
on our way.  My cost for the buses, about $2.50 for each of the two legs.

           I meet up with Clinton
If you have been following along, you will have heard me mention Clinton.  On my previous trip ( Feb, 2011), Clinton was the
driver for our party, and I found him to be a good guide and a great Jamaican.
Meeting up with "Clinton", in Runaway Bay, He delivers me to my first night stay.

           Nine Mile Village

After about a half-hour drive, up a winding two-lane road, filled with large, and I mean
large pot holes, we round a corner and I see Nine Mile Village across the vale.

I had passed through on a tour to see Bob Marley's, in February.  Now I am here creating
this website, for the village and people of Nine Mile.
Nine Mile Village is a small community of a hundred or so adults and children. This is the
birth place and final resting place of Jamaica's Native Son, Bob Marley.
Five days in the village and I am only beginning to see all that there is to see.  My
photographers, the children and adults of the village. There work, the heart of this website.

Ocho Rios and Runaway Bay
My final stay was at the home of a mutual friend in Steer Town. A day at a local beach, a
day to wind down.  I am finally nearing the end of this fantastic trip.

I've seen the good and the not so good of this beautiful country.
I've ate fresh bread-fruit with the beach people.
I've walked Seven Mile Beach, only to make friends with the local beach dwellers. All in all
it was a good trip.

Ja Love!

One love!

Respect !

Thank you Jamaica.............................

   Thank You
                                 Nine Mile Village

                  Respect Always