I am coming up on 65 years, on this dusty old Planet.
I have been to many places here on Earth.
I have met new Friends from many new and different cultures

I have always thought that achieving the
ripe old age of 65
would be like the world re-born

Guess what ?

Well for that story you will just have to stay tuned !


The stage has been set.  The Tickets are being sent.

June 1st, there is going to be one fine BBQ, in the Village of
NineMile,  St Ann Parish, Jamaica

The food is being provided by the Village People, Stanley, and
donations ( food or small gifts for the village children ).

Food includes Chicken, Hot Dogs, all the fixings, and "More"
They even  are planning on butchering a Goat and Pig!

RSVP is encouraged,  (we need a count) but not required.

This is a Party for all ages, all cultures and all travellers.

Come visit Bob Marley's place, see the Cedella Booker School,
partake of the true Jamaican and Rastafri Culture.

Meet new and wonderful people for a once in a Life-Time
celebration, of respect, and One Love
B-day Party!
6-01-2012  1 pm
Nine Mile Village
So this is Jamaica on my ' 65th'  Bday
Ra Stanley
Come meet the People of Nine
Mile Village.  Take Pictures
with our pint sized
photographers, and let them
take one's of you!

Many of the photos on this
Web-Site were taken by (3)
small kids;

JT (7yr old boy, needs shoes
for school)

Jalesa (9yr girl needs money 4

Bin Laudin (11yr boy,  Good kid

The children will be taking
Photo's and will sell copies
near the school, for the price
of   400.00 JMD , or $5.00 US

Additionally you may have
specify up to
5 Email address for your photo
to be forwarded to